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When Alana had gone back to Landfall, she'd managed to beg her way into a spot at community college. It had been less than a success, and living with her dad wasn't making things any better. When she gave up on school for good and joined the army, it felt both inevitable and like the best of a lousy set of choices.

Not that she had much time to dwell on that. One thing about Landfall's military: It kept a girl busy. Alana was almost six months in before she could ask for a day off. She was still trying to decide how to spend it when the idea of taking a quick portal to Earth struck her.

On that whim, she dialed Dante's number. He'd know if there was anything worth coming back for.

In which the conversation doesn't go quite as expected. )
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Alana had a long day of travel ahead of her: Rickshaw to the causeway, cab to BWI, Portalocity to Robot Kingdom, then a shuttle to Landfall and another cab to her dad's house. At home, she was registered for a couple community college classes, but she pretty much figured they'd be a way to mark time until got drafted. That was how things usually went.

It all sounded like the exact opposite of fun to her, so she was lingering in her dorm room as long as she could.

The room looked really damn empty now that most of her stuff had been thrown out or given away, with the remainder crammed into two suitcases. Only the box of paperback novels labeled FREE TO A GOOD HOME that she'd used to prop the door open gave any sign as to what kind of person had called this room home for so long.

She checked the time on her phone again and sat down on her bed. She could hang around for just a little longer.

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Alana had a kid this weekend, and the kid was weird. For one thing, she wouldn't take off this stupid baseball cap -- which was extra-weird for a kid who came from a planet without baseball. She'd even fallen asleep with one hand holding it tight to her head so it wouldn't come off.

For another, the girl couldn't or wouldn't give a straight answer to any of Alana's questions. Alana couldn't figure out if the kid was lying or just very dense, but it made her uneasy. Honestly, if it wasn't for the wings and the fact she was named for Alana's favorite librarian from back on Landfall, Alana wouldn't have been sure Hazel was hers at all.

They were playing a card game now as Alana made another attempt at figuring out who exactly the girl was.

"So your dad's from Cleave," she said, rubbing her cards together. "Do you have any sevens?"

"No, go fish" Hazel answered. "And he's not from there, I was born there."

"And then we left."

"Uh-huh. With Izabel in a spaceship. Are you going to take your cards or can I have your turn?"

Alana finally drew the cards and shook her head. "And you won't tell me where we went."

"Don't remember," Hazel answered. "I was way little. All I remember is, I took dance classes and Dad wore bandages 'cause he didn't want us to get in trouble. But you worked all the time and somebody threw groceries and then Granny and me left." She frowned. "And we were lost, but then you finded me, and now you keep saying we're always always always going to be together. Except I fell into the blue thing. Are you mad? And do you have any kings?"

"I'm not mad, just confused," Alana promised, and sighed as she handed over her King of Clubs to a satisfied-looking Hazel. "Very, very confused."

Things were likely to go on like this for a while.

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Alana didn't have a roommate, so letting the room get messy wasn't really a problem. But when she tripped on a stack of magazines and noticed that more of her floor was covered by clothes, books and random junk than was actually floor, she decided it was time for some spring cleaning. So she put on a reggae CD and got to work.

She realized as she went along that she didn't need to keep some of her clothes. If she was going into the army (and at this point it felt inevitable), she probably wouldn't get a chance anytime soon to re-wear any of the dressy dresses she'd bought for dances over the last three years. Reluctantly, she set them into the pile of things to give away.

It was still several weeks until graduation, but the cleaning made it feel closer than ever. Alana was glad to have dust bunnies that she could blame her sniffly nose on.

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It was an excellent day for a lazy morning in bed. Alana lounged on top of her blanket, novel in one hand and bowl of dry cereal at her fingertips.

She was sure at some point she should do something productive -- she'd been having a lot of lazy days lately. But right then, finding out whether the heroine in the book she was reading was going to marry her true love or fulfill her destiny as a dragon-hunter was a much more appealing task than running errands or catching up with her laundry.

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The nice thing about having a room to yourself was that you could do whatever the hell you wanted. Today Alana had a little bit too much restless energy to sit and read, so she played with her music app until it started blaring something that made her want to pogo madly and bounce off the furniture.

So you been to school
For a year or two
And you know you've seen it all
In daddy's car
Thinkin' you'll go far
Back east your type don't crawl ...

She still wasn't a hundred percent sure what a Cambodia was, but whatever. Anything that made her shout along joyfully worked just fine. She hadn't bothered closing her door, but that worked just fine, too.

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The way Alana saw it, the fight she'd gotten into wasn't really her fault. She'd been minding her own business in whatever creepy 1950s sitcom world she'd woken up in the day before. (Okay, so maaaaybe she'd tried to climb a tower, but could you blame her? They were right there!)

Anyhow, an alien pointed a blaster rifle at her, she took a swing at him, and now she was here. In some neon-and-chrome colored gift shop with a giant watch on the wall and way too many bins of penny candy built into the counter. Startled, Alana took a step back into a giant freestanding display of charms and keyrings -- and sent them clattering to the ground.

"There's one way to get our attention," said a chubby, friendly looking-girl who had bustled over to clean up. "But next time, you could just ring the bell and tell us what you're looking for."

Dimly, Alana heard disembodied laughter. She couldn't put together where it was coming from.

She licked her lips. "Where am I?"

"Okay, maybe you hit your head on that display a little harder than I thought," the chubby girl said, and the laughter pealed again to unsettling effect. "This is Over Our Heads,formerly Edna's Edibles. You want an inflatable animal or a new wave album, you're in the right place."

"Um, I want --"

Before Alana could explain, two other girls came in.

"Natalie, tell Blair she's out of her gourd again," said the tougher-looking of the two, a brunette in a motorcycle jacket.

"Hold that thought," Natalie told Alana, and then turned to the blonde. "Blair, you're out of your gourd again. Now what's going on?"

Blair tossed her cloud of wavy, well-moussed hair. "Jo just doesn't appreciate my latest brilliant idea."

As the girls bickered -- and they were quickly joined by a fourth, a short brown-skinned girl in a loud plaid blouse -- Alana crept slowly backward. "Maybe I can get out of this place without them paying any more attention," she muttered.

And then she stepped on some kind of toy guitar that played loud synthesizer noises when touched.

"... or, maybe not."

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Alana was bored. So, so, so bored. So bored she was opening an atlas at random and then using the store's travel guides to try to imagine a vacation wherever her fingers landed. That had worked well for northern California and South Korea, but she was a little stumped at what to do when the book fell open to Antarctica. Maybe she'd pretend that she was going to go chill at a penguin research station.

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Alana spent her wild Sunday night rearranging her room, upbeat '90 dance music playing as she did. After a few days spent feeling thoroughly bummed about Celia's departure, she had decided to try to salvage a bright side and take advantage of her new single by spreading out her stuff. She pushed the now-spare dresser and nightstand into the back of the closet, hung some artsy posters on what had been Celia's side of the room, and put the beds side by side so it was almost like having one big bed.

She wondered briefly if she'd get a new roomie with the next crop of students but decided not to worry about it too much. For one thing, she figured the school probably wouldn't put a new kid in with a senior. (If being an upperclassman meant anything, it should mean that her single would stay a single.) For another, if somebody did turn up, no big, she'd put the furniture back where it belonged and try not to complain about it too much.

She covered the newly conjoined beds with a big piece of brightly printed fabric and stood back to smile at her handiwork. "Not bad at all," she decided.

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Alana had been rereading the letter on Landfall government letterhead all morning, but she gave it another look just in case the words had changed.

They hadn't.

Citizen Alana bat Rustik, it read Congratulations on the recent completion of your penultimate year of secondary education. Our records show you have not yet either entered the college application process, or indicated an interest in joining the military. We ask that you do so at your earliest convenience. As you may know, citizens who are not enrolled in college-level study and who do not have a disqualifying condition are expected to serve in the Landfall army, air force, or marines as part of our ongoing war efforts. Signing up early allows us to match your military career to your skills and interests. If you have received this letter in error....

"Signed, some stupid robot," Alana sighed, and flopped back on her bed dramatically. She didn't want to go to college, and she didn't want to be laser canon fodder ... and the future her kid with Ezra had mentioned, the one where she ran off to tend bar in Boston and never went home at all, was sounding better all the time.

She wondered if she could get out of the whole mess if she got a job with the Open Circuit. Wrestling and spouting soap opera dialogue in a stupid costume sounded about her speed, career-wise.

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I haven't done one of these since Anders was new, and I'm pretty sure the game will fall apart if I don't get one up at least once a year. So here are my oldbies!

The deserter-to-be )

The runaway mage )

The law student )

The graffiti artist )

The oh-so-mundane )
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Alana had deliberately stayed out too late the night before, quietly but relentlessly ordering drink after drink. She normally didn't like to get drunk -- there was too much puke and too little control involved -- but getting a mass murderering psychopath out of your head was the kind of thing that pushed normal right to the wayside. She needed her brain to stop screaming in horror, and vodka was the fastest way to do that.

She wasn't hung over when she woke up, though the numbness in her brain seemed to be sticking around. She took a long, hot shower, put on an oversized t-shirt and leggings, pulled her hair back into a bun, and then curled up on her bed. She had a magazine open in front of her, but the text kept swimming before her eyes.

It was a relief to have a message to return.

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Man, yesterday had been good, but Alana was calling it now: Today was just the best day. She wasn't as incredibly happy as she'd been the day before, but she felt totally relaxed and nothing was getting to her at all.

Even when her laptop bluescreened and died, she didn't hit it or call it an Earthling piece of shit like she normally would have. She sat on her bed with the computer open in front of her, fiddling around to try to fix it. (If she didn't, that was fine too; it was just a silly computer, and she could always buy a new one.) Her window was wide open, and she enjoyed the breeze and the slight, fragrant smell of spring flowers that wafted into the room as she worked.

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Raleigh was still asleep on the floor. Alana considered rousing him, decided against it, and reached for the fat paperback on her nightstand before snuggling back in under the covers. Finding out whether the Robot Duchess was going to learn the truth about what had happened to her daughter struck her as a perfect use of a Saturday morning.

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Alana had been paralyzed by too many unfamiliar choices when she tried to pick a movie to watch with Raleigh. In the end, she'd blindly picked one with high ratings that sounded sort of sexy, but not in a crazy nympho kind of way.

Which was how she ended up jiggling the mouse on her laptop, trying to get Messy Mambo to finish downloading before Raleigh showed up. She'd pulled her hair into a stubby ponytail and was dressed in a cute t-shirt with cutouts for her wings and a pair of yoga pants. That seemed about right for a low-key movie date.

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Alana didn't know about sex pollen, but she had noticed that this week was unusually ... frustrating, and her workouts weren't taking the edge off at all.

And now, to top it off, she had a vid from Even, her new stepmother. (If you could call her that. The chick was barely five years older than Alana, and Alana was choosing to regard Even's existence in her home as the result of a persistent delusion on her father's part that was guaranteed to end any minute now, please.) Even was perky as ever, chirping out news about Alana's dad's latest trip for work and what the gossip mags were saying -- and oh, by the way, wasn't it so cool her school was having a parents weekend? She couldn't wait to visit, although Alana's dad was, of course, too busy with work. (But he sent his love, Even burbled.)

Alana clicked off the vid and dove for the D. Oswald Heist paperback she kept closest to her bed, flipping to find her place in the story almost frantically. Maybe that would give her something less completely nauseating to think about.

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There was cake on Alana's bed when she got back to her room from a morning run, and she could swear she saw something small and green scampering away into her closet.

"You forgot your food" she called into the storage space, even though she couldn't see anything in there but clothes and boxes.

The whatever-it-was didn't answer. Alana decided that finders, keepers went for cake, then carefully moved the cake over to her desk and cut a slice. (Mmmm. Red velvet.)

"Hey," she called into the hallway. "I got free cake, if anybody wants it. Bring your own plate."

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Voice Mail

Aug. 26th, 2013 10:12 am
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"Hey, this is Alana's voice mail. You know what to do." BEEEEEEP

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